2nd Sunday Monthly at 8:30 AM
Ministry Leader:  Deacon Vernell Benning
The Men’s Ministry serves men of all ages who seek to have a closer relationship with Christ and a desire to surround themselves with an accountability group who help one another on this Christian walk and in life.
2nd Sunday monthly at 12:30 PM
Ministry Leader:  Sister Latonya Harris
The women’s ministry provides an opportunity to learn more about being a follower of Christ and more of what it means to be a woman who follows Christ.  We seek the Word of God and provide one another with love and support.
Married Couples 
4th Sunday monthly at 8:30 AM
The married couples ministry is meant to be a safe haven for couples to grow spiritually and address specific concerns that come up in a marriage.  Using the principles of the word of God, these issues are discussed and strategies are shared for a healthy relationship
S.A.M. (Single Adult Ministry)
4th  Sunday monthly at 12:30 PM
Ministry Leader: Sister Keonna Allen
The Single Adult Ministry provides an opportunity for all unmarried persons to come together to learn more about Christ, support one another, and fellowship.